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How Social Media Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

While your personal injury claim is pending, what you post on social media can affect the overall outcome. Insurance companies always look for ways to pay out as little money as possible by searching for evidence to use against you proving that your injuries just aren’t that severe. Consider these social media tips while your claim is pending.

  • Take a break from your social media accounts. Disable them, suspend them, or just stay quiet while your personal injury claim is pending.
  • Think before you post. Something as simple as a photo of you out to lunch with your friends, taking a hike, or attending a birthday party can be used against you.
  • Keep things to yourself. Don’t post anything related to your case, about your injuries, any problems you are having, or conversations with your lawyers.
  • Be as specific as possible. If you do post anything try to word the description as specific as possible. For example: If you are at the park with your children say that you are sitting and watching them play.

 Before you post, think about the consequences. If you or anyone you know has been the victim of an accident, contact The Brothers in Law, 757-319-4085.




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Winter Increases Personal Injury Risk

In addition to bringing cold weather and shorter days, winter also brings with it the increased risk of personal injury. The combination of winter weather conditions and holiday parties fueled by alcohol leads to an uptick in car accidents and slip and fall incidents.

The most dangerous conditions to be aware of:

  • Snow, slush and ice on the roads. Black ice, in particular, is very dangerous because it cannot be seen.
  • Many car owners do not equip their vehicles with winter tires or let their tires’ tread become bare.
  • Lack of experience or caution while driving in winter conditions
  • More darkness decreases visibility
  • Winter storms decrease visibility


Couple these weather conditions with crowded roads and inebriated drivers and that is a recipe for disaster. While some of these issues are unavoidable, it’s important to be proactive where possible to avoid personal injury.

  • Minimize night driving unless absolutely necessary. It’s harder to see hazards and visibility is lowered.
  • Check your tire tread. Bald tires can’t grip on the road well and will leave you more vulnerable to sliding.
  • Know your limits. Have you grown up most of your life in Florida and never really seen, let alone driven, in snow and ice? Maybe you aren’t the ideal driver for the day, leave it to those who have more experience navigating in winter weather conditions.

Stay safe out there and everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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Pause for Pedestrians

With the rise in people outside during the spring, it is important to be extra cautious when driving. Pedestrian accidents are a very serious matter, which usually results in severe injuries.

It is important to always remember that you can encounter pedestrians anywhere, at any time, not just at crosswalks. Being constantly aware of your surroundings is very important. Never assume that a pedestrian sees or hears you coming and always assume that the pedestrian is not aware of your presence. Always stop to let pedestrians cross – they may be acting recklessly by crossing at the wrong location, but this doesn’t change the fact that you have to stop or slow down to let them go.

Be especially attentive when driving through a neighborhood or school zone where children may be playing. Children are often times very unaware of certain traffic rules and are easily distracted. Go slow and be prepared for children acting in erratic ways.

Do not text and drive or drink and drive. These two activities diminish driver awareness drastically. It only takes a single second of not looking at the road for a pedestrian to cross into your way. You are putting the people in danger when you decide to drive when your awareness is not 100%.

Keep these simple tips in mind and help make the streets a safer place, whether you’re at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront or Town Point Park in Norfolk. These accidents are easily avoidable. Join us in making the spring of 2017 an accident-free one!

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DIY Car Repair

We know you love your car, and keeping it looking as clean and new as possible is an important part of every car owner’s routine. But over time, your car will undoubtedly accrue its fair share of dings and dents from common road debris like pebbles and some more uncommon sources like bicycles or shopping carts. While minor damage like this can be reported to your insurance company, it’s often not worth the cost of the deductible, as well as the threat of increased insurance rates later on.  If keeping your car looking new while saving a few bucks is on your mind, try these helpful DIY tips for keeping your vehicle as pristine as the day you bought it.


Let’s face it. Dents happen, and they can come from a host of common and uncommon sources. Whether they’re on your hood, doors, bumpers or roof, keeping your car free of these unsightly warped areas could be easier and cheaper than you might have feared. One of the simplest ways to try to remove a dent from your car is by using a common household plunger. By wetting the rubber end and placing it around the dent, many car owners have been able to quickly and easily pop the metal back into place. Of course, if this doesn’t work, there are other items you can buy for your car that are designed specifically to use this same method of repair.

Another more obscure way to remove dents may be through the use of a hair dryer and a can of compressed air. by heating up the dented area with the hairdryer and then quickly cooling it with compressed air, oftentimes the metal will snap back into its original position due to the extreme changes in temperature. While this frequently works on larger pieces of the car like the hood or roof, it’s certainly worth a try no matter where your car is bruised and battered.


While roads may usually look clear, drivers know that there are countless little stones and pebbles just waiting to bounce up and put a chip in your paint. Add to that the risk of shopping carts and other careless parking lot drivers and your car’s paint may never be safe again. Luckily there are some simple ways to reduce or even remove the look of a scratch in your paint job. The first option is a scratch repair product which can be used on shallow scratches to blend them into the paint around them and make them essentially disappear. Another easy fix is touch up paint, which can be purchased at your dealer or local auto parts store. Simply get a paint that matches the color of your car and use the small pen or brush to cover the scratch, hiding it from view.

Keeping up with your car’s appearance is simple. Add checking for minor damage to your routine car checklist and in no time you’ll not only have a car that runs flawlessly but looks incredible as well.

Huffman Case Managers

Meet the Case Managers

When you have a pending case, knowing whether or not you are in the right hands can be an unsettling experience. At Huffman & Huffman our team of case managers and pre-lit paralegals are always prepared to make sure your case goes as smoothly as possible. Unless your case goes into litigation, these professionals will be your main contacts throughout the course of your case and will be sure to take care of you every step of the way.

While Lori Jenkins and Julie Lombardi may seem like your average Suffolk residents, these two ladies share the same love of the Pittsburgh Steelers and love nothing more than to sit down and watch the games unfold throughout the season. Their love of Pennsylvania football is rivaled only by Kim Stepp, whose Philadelphia Eagles frequently give the Steelers a run for their money. Kim is also a fan of the outdoors and is a proud owner of a 9-year-old lab named Bella whom she loves to take exploring around her home in Yorktown. Kim shares her love of dogs with Megan Dillon, a resident of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront who also enjoys watching the Capitals in hockey and Barca in soccer. Megan is also fluent in Spanish and loves relaxing on the beach after work. While most people’s favorite four legged friend is a dog or cat, Jay Jones enjoys horseback riding in her spare time near her home in Portsmouth. Last but not least, Kristin Brake lives with her husband in Tabb and has two children, ages 16 and 12, and is another northerner at heart, having moved from Cleveland, Ohio in 2012.

No matter where your case may take you, our pre-litigation paralegals will guide you through one step at time.