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Any construction site can present hazards for workers, visitors, and passersby. This is true even if safety regulations are observed and workers are experienced and cautious. Physical labor, heavy machinery, heights, trenches, and electricity can all present serious risks. In fact, approximately one in five worker fatalities in the U.S. occur in construction, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The chance of an accident is dramatically increased in the presence of negligence, inexperience, or outright violations of OSHA standards.

The majority of construction fatalities occur due to:

  • Falls
  • Being struck by objects
  • Electrocution
  • Being caught in trench or structure collapses, or between equipment
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The Virginia construction accident attorneys at Huffman & Huffman can help if you lost a loved one or were injured at a construction site. We represent workers and their families in workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits for construction injuries and fatalities. With over 150 years of collective experience, our lawyers can work to maximize your compensation in order to help you work toward a brighter future.

Workers’ compensation benefits may apply to a construction site accident, but it is important to know that these will only cover medical costs and a portion of lost earnings. A personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit offers the opportunity at compensation for all lost earnings, plus emotional trauma. If a third party (someone other than a co-worker or your employer) was responsible for your injuries or loss, personal injury laws may apply.

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Construction Accident FAQ

  • Can you sue your employer after a construction accident?
    Construction accident claims can get complicated based on your employment status. If you are an employee on payroll, then you might not be able to file an injury claim at all. Instead, you will have to use workers’ compensation to seek benefits. Our law firm focuses on injury claims filed against construction companies by people who do not have the option to get workers’ compensation, such as workers who are independent contractors or third parties who were injured at the jobsite, like a driver or pedestrian moving through the area.
  • Does your employer need an OSHA violation before they can be sued?
    OSHA can cite an employer for a jobsite safety violation, which will help add validity to your complaint. However, you do not necessarily need to pair your case with an OSHA violation. In many cases, OSHA does not cite an employer for a violation before an accident happens, and it can be a while before OSHA can schedule an inspection. Other evidence could be available to build your case.
  • Can you get copies of a company’s OSHA records?
    Obtaining a copy of your employer’s OSHA records can be a good starting point for your case if we have reason to believe that your employer has a long history of professional negligence. OSHA accepts online requests for any records available to the public. Some records might be confidential due to pending investigations or litigation, though. Our Virginia construction accident attorneys have the know-how needed to seek relevant documents, wherever they may be.
  • Who can help with your construction accident claim?
    Don’t forget the helpfulness of your own coworkers after a construction accident. Oftentimes, they have the best perspectives of what happened. Let us know if any of your coworkers witnessed your accident, so we can reach out to them to conduct interviews.

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