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Growing up can be one of the hardest stepping stones in an individual’s life. However, growing old is something that is even harder for someone to accept. No matter how hard you try to stay young and healthy, father time always holds the upper hand. As people age into their 70’s, 80’s and higher they begin to lose some of the physical and mental attributes they were once capable of. The hardest part is coming to terms with this realization and taking the necessary steps to adapt to this new style of life, which often includes knowing when to stop driving.

Furthermore, as people age, it is up to their family, friends and loved ones to help aid them in this lifestyle transition. Whether it is taking some of their responsibilities into your own hands or just helping them with everyday chores. The difficult part comes when it is time to tell your loved ones that it is time to stop doing something they love or something they have done for their entire life. For example, deciding it is time to take the keys away from your aging family member or loved one is no simple task. It is painful for one to accept that they should no longer be behind the wheel when many individuals have spent the better part of their life driving some sort of vehicle to get around.

An article by provides an in-depth look at how to determine when it is time to take the keys away from your aging family members and loved ones. The article goes into the undeniable fact that this is no simple task. It gives valuable information that educates individuals that there is no specific age to that people should stop driving because many individuals are capable of being competent drivers well into their 80’s and sometimes even 90’s.

The following are five factors that may not rule out driving but can be used to increase awareness of the fact the time may be coming soon:

  1. Health Conditions
  2. Vision Impairment
  3. Hearing impairment
  4. Prescription Drug Use and Other Medication Interactions
  5. Alcohol Use

These are the factors that affect elderly individuals and lead to them being unable to safely operate a motor vehicle. Once you are aware of these factors you can monitor them and evaluate whether they are affecting a family member enough to make a final decision to take away their keys.

Additionally, the article gives five signs to watch out for regarding dangerous elderly drivers:

  1. Auto Insurance Changes or Traffic Violations
  2. Damage to Car
  3. Reluctance to Drive at Night
  4. Friends’ Observations of Unsafe Driving
  5. Driving Behaviors Change

Although it may never be an easy task, taking the keys from your elders may be necessary for their safety as well as the safety of others. Read the full article HERE and you can be sure that you are educated and prepared to make the right decision at the right time.

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