The weather seems to have finally turned the corner and it looks like we can expect plenty of warm days ahead. Of course, beautiful weather is also especially nice for all you bikers out there. However, in order to stay safe while you’re enjoying the feeling of the spring air, make sure to follow these tips.


Virginia Beach has one of the highest incidents of motorcycle accidents in the state. 99% of the time, some level of injury will result from the motorcycle accident. In 2015, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reported 70 motorcycle riders killed, making up 9.3% of all traffic fatalities.

Before taking an operating license test, it is highly recommended, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, to take a training course to acquire additional knowledge from licensed professionals.


Proper riding equipment is the number one priority when looking to limit bodily injury during a crash.

  • It is Virginia state law that both drivers and passengers must wear a proper HELMET. In the case of an accident, there is a 40% increased risk for brain injury for un-helmeted persons.
  • EYE PROTECTION is essential for moving at such high speeds with no cover from surrounding elements.
  • The appropriate CLOTHING protects from road rash. Long sleeves and long pants made from special synthetic materials or leather should always be worn while riding. If riding at night, reflective gear must be worn so that other drivers may easily spot a rider.
  • Leather GLOVES and FOOTWEAR protect from serious abrasions if met with the unforgiving asphalt. Avoid sandals or laces that could get caught in mechanical parts.

Never operate a motorized vehicle under the influence and avoid riding in harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow.

A motorcycle is fairly small compared to the rest of the vehicles on the road. This means that other drivers may not be able to spot you due to blind spots. Always be prepared for an unexpected situation.

If you do find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident, we can help. Call (757) 599-6050 to schedule your free consultation today.


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