In the average Hollywood movie or TV series, any character who rides a motorcycle is shown to be a reckless rebel or someone who lives for thrills. Of course, most of us know that owning a motorcycle does not make someone reckless, but it seems that insurance companies can’t get past this entertainment-based illusion.

When a rider needs to file a motorcycle accident claim, they will often have a disproportionately difficult time dealing with insurance company representatives than the average driver who has been in a crash. You can always expect that dealing with an insurance company will be a little less than enjoyable, but it seems motorcyclists have a higher chance of putting up against an uphill legal battle for the coverage they deserve.

Why is it that many insurance companies seem biased against motorcyclists? It comes down to saving money by denying or undervaluing as many motorcycle accident claims as possible. If an insurance company can convince an opposing insurance adjuster, a judge, or a jury that the motorcyclist claimant had a “natural” proclivity to dangerous motorcycle riding behaviors, then it could increase that claimant’s liability for their accident. The more a claimant is liable for their own injuries, the less compensation they can receive. In some states, becoming at least 51% liable for an accident entirely blocks a person’s options to file a claim against other parties.


As a motorcyclist yourself, you should always be aware that you could be in for a fight with an insurance company if you have a motorcycle accident. Even your own insurance company could act against you if you are in a single-vehicle collision or if an uninsured motorist hits you. What can you do to plan for and work against any unfair biases?

Convincing evidence is always helpful in any accident claim, but it becomes even more important in a motorcycle accident claim. The statements of eyewitnesses who saw your crash are useful. Helmet cam footage is even more so. If you don’t own a helmet cam already, then it is advised you look into purchasing one.

Your own clean driving record can also be used to prove that you do not have any reckless riding habits that could have contributed to your crash. Oppositely, the marked-up driving records of the motorist who hit you could be used against them and raise their liability.

Ultimately, though, if you want to be confident that your claim is convincing and capable of challenging unjust insurance company biases, then you should leave it up to a trusted team of motorcycle accident attorneys. By getting a legal professional to manage your case, you gain immediate access to their insight, experience, and knowledge, so you do not go into your case blindly. Huffman & Huffman in Virginia offers steadfast personal injury representation to motorcycle accident survivors and the families of riders who have died in fatal accidents. Let our family help your family during a difficult time by pursuing compensation on your behalf. Call (757) 599-6050 to speak with our attorneys during a free initial consultation.


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