Research shows teens whose parents set rules regarding motor vehicle usage and expectations are half as likely to get into an accident. The following are tips you should share with your teen driver:


  • Set Rules: Consider across-the-board ban of cell phone use in the vehicle, driving curfew, and limit on the number of passengers.
  • Prepare the Glove Box: Checklists for accidents, a protocol for pulling over and getting out of the way, who to call, and what not to do.
  • Conscious Speed: Teenage drivers are impulsive, natural risk-takers. Some need to be taught and reminded how important it is to slow down. Don’t nag!
  • Defensive Driving: Enroll new drivers in a defensive driving course. Only through experience and training will they learn.
  • Safety is a Choice: Teach your teen to be responsible for his or her safety, as well as the safety of others on the road.
  • Speaking Up: Remind your teen they have a right to speak up when someone is driving in a way that scares them. According to NAIC, only 44% of teens do so.

From the National Safety Council: Leading Safety into the Future: Teen drivinghttps://www.youtube.com/embed/SHtseucaPTo


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