Did you know that heatstroke is the leading cause of vehicle death for children and animals left alone? Warmer weather is quickly approaching and our lives are becoming more occupied with daily tasks. Regardless of education status or moral goodness, accidents happen, but accidents can also be avoided.

It may not be the daily routine for one parent to have their child in the car. This can make it understandably easy to forget they are even there, especially if they are peacefully sleeping. This type of scenario happens to a child every 8 days on average. Don’t let this completely avoidable tragedy take part in your life.

Just like children, pets can be hurt when left in cars, even if you crack the window. They have a body of fur that heats them up even quicker. It is best to leave pets at home unless they will be going in and out of the vehicle with you at every stop.


  • NEVER leave your child or pet alone in the car, not even for a moment.
  • Call 911 immediately if you walk by a vehicle and see a child or animal inside.
  • Stay beside the car until the issue is resolved.
  • If you see that the circumstance cannot be spared another minute, gather witnesses and extract the child or animal from the car.
  • Put a large stuffed animal in your child’s car seat when they are not in it. When they are occupying it, put the animal in the front passenger seat as a reminder.
  • Put your purse or jacket in the backseat so that it is necessary for you to look back there.

To read further about children left in cars and view the faces of fatalities and close calls, visit Kids & Cars.

For more information on animal safety in cars, visit PETA.


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