Maintaining a car is no cheap feat! Unfortunately, it’s a necessity if you plan on having a car to begin with. To help you save some money on your regular maintenance, we’ve collected these Top 5 tips.

  1. Find a Mechanic You Like and Stick With Him/Her: Looking for someone new? Try these tips.
  2. Get Estimates and Shop Around: Don’t forget to get an estimate from yourself. Find out how much it might cost you to do the work yourself (assuming you have base level car tweaking skills to begin with).
  3. Do Your Own Diagnostics: For less than $20, you can pick yourself up an OBDII, a scanning tool that can translate the lights and beeps your car makes when it’s not feeling up to snuff.
  4. Do the EASY Work Yourself: Here’s a list of repairs you might want to attempt on your own and how to do them.
  5. Get Educated or Get Ripped Off: of time and always make sure to check your receipt in case something doesn’t look right.


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