Missing work or even losing your job after an accident can be devastating. Not only may you have to worry about your accident-related medical expenses, but the loss of work income can make these bills that much more burdensome.

Fortunately, individuals are often awarded compensation for lost wages in car accident cases. But there are important differences between making a lost wages claim as an employee versus a person who is self-employed.


For those with regular and steady income, calculating these damages can be fairly straightforward. Your attorney can gather your pay stubs and tax information to show how much you earn, and present that with your medical records and doctor’s notes to prove how much time you were out of work because of your accident-related injuries. If you cannot return to the same job you did before, you can also claim damages for lost earning capacity.

However, it may be a more complex process for those who are self-employed, such as freelancers, independent contractors, or anyone else who generally works irregular days and hours. Lost wages relate to anything you could have made had you not been injured.

To prove lost wages as a person who is self-employed, your attorney will have to gather supporting documents, such as:

  • Medical documents
  • History of your work ventures
  • Average hours and times worked in the most recent time period
  • Average amount earned in the most recent time period
  • Any evidence showing your future work, such as a contract to begin work on a certain date


The complex nature of these claims means that the insurance company may try to dispute the total lost wages that you are claiming. In order to ensure that you receive what is fair, it’s crucial that you have a skilled legal team on your side to protect your rights and fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

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