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Let’s start with the truth: your driver’s ed class was quite a while ago, and by now your perfect “2 and 10” steering wheel grip has probably fallen to a single hand on top, along with some other bad habits.

While traffic laws can be quite confusing, especially since they vary from state to state, there are certain bad habits that can be avoided regardless of the state you’re in. Here are five of the most commonly seen “bad habits” drivers on the road are making today.


It’s 2019, to say that our phones are used to simply make calls would be a lie. Everything is on our phones, email, social media, appointments, directions, the list goes on forever.

While we know how important phones can be to every aspect of life, it’s crucial that you know when the appropriate time to use your device is—hint: not while you’re driving. When you’re looking at your phone behind the wheel, you’re taking your attention off the road which can lead to you getting into a distracted driving accident.


Whether you’re running late or you just want to live life on the wild side, speeding happens. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, high speeds make an auto accident more likely. But maybe not due to the reason you’re thinking.

Speeding may increase your chances of being involved in an auto accident because it takes longer for you to brake, meaning you may be at a much higher chance of rear-ending another vehicle.


Although according to NHTSA, more than 90% of Americans use a seatbelt, there are still at least 25 million Americans who aren’t staying safe behind their cloth belts.

The most common answer for not wearing a seatbelt we hear is “But I was just going around the corner.” Well, whenever you get behind the wheel it’s recommended you wear your seatbelt to protect your safety. If that isn’t reason enough, you’ve probably heard “Click it or ticket,” this saying exists because it is, in fact, illegal to not wear your seatbelt.

Buckle up and stay safe out there!


This one is similar to speeding, as it is something that usually takes place when someone is running late. Tailgating is the act of following the vehicle in front of you dangerously close, to the point where it becomes a hazard.

When you tailgate you run the risk of:

  • Not having adequate space to stop, may result in you rear-ending another vehicle
  • Receiving a ticket


Communication while out on the road comes in two forms, honking, and turn signals. While honking is a reactive action, turn signals are seen as proactive. When you’re on the road it’s extremely important to inform other drivers of your plan of action.

When switching lanes or turning into a shopping center it is crucial that you use your turn signals to notify other drivers around you of your plan. Properly using your turn signals can:

  • Prevent you from being rear-ended
  • Give other drivers on the road an indication of your next move
  • Help with the flow of traffic

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident due to someone who may have been distracted by something mentioned above, we would love to help fight for your rights. Call (757) 599-6050 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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