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The recent Takata airbag failure has just added to the growing number of recalls on consumer vehicles. Most people don’t think to check their airbags until it’s too late. Here is a list of the vehicles recalled and here’s how you can check to see if your vehicle is at risk. This link will provide which cars and models are being recalled. You will also read the steps needed to take if your car is on that list.

  1. Be proactive and informative
    • If your car is on the list, call the dealership to see what your next step is and when your vehicle can be repaired.
  2. Minimize your risk of incident
    • You may want to reduce your driving, carpooling, utilizing public transportation or renting a car.
  3. Remain patient
    • There are a lot of cars and models that are on the list. Your airbag may not be able to be replaced right away.

Safety is always the number one priority especially with driving. Unfortunately, defectives happen with vehicles. So making sure your car is ready for the road or any accident is essential. Thankfully there are a number of sources to keep you updated on what to look for and who to reach if or when something happens.

If you need legal assistance with an airbag recall, reach out to our attorneys at once.

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