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How Not to be Hit by a Car Part II

Sharing the road with cars can be an easy and pleasant experience, but it also carries risk. When accidents occur, we’re here to guide and support you. In Part II of our bicycle safety series, we’re equipping you with more tips to avoid being hit and how to be a safe and savvy cyclist.

6. The Right Hook, Pt. 1

  • Problem: You’re pedaling fast, but what’s fast for you is as slow as molasses in January to the driver behind you. He speeds around you to make a right-hand turn, not realizing you’re going fast enough to be cut off and cause a collision.
  • Solution: Stay off the sidewalk and give space between you and the curb. Use your mirror before you reach an intersection because once you reach it, you’ll have to focus on what’s in front of you.

7. The Right Hook, Pt. 2

  • Problem: You’re stuck behind Driver McSlowface and try to speed around him to the right. But McSlowface wants to make a right turn and winds up giving you and your bike a hug hello.
  • Solution: Never pass on the right. If you absolutely must pass, do so on the left. Glance behind you to make sure you’re clear to turn right if you need to.

8. The Left Cross

  • Problem: Similar to #1’s Right Cross, a car collides with you or cuts you off while it’s making a left turn.
  • Solution: Stay off the sidewalk and make yourself as visible as possible with a headlight, reflectors, and bright clothing even in the daytime.

9. The Rear End, Pt. 1

  • Problem: Roadkill, debris, potholes, and other obstacles mean you might have to swerve to avoid them. In this scenario, that’s exactly what you do—but you swerve right into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
  • Solution: Look behind you and stay out of the parking lane. Use your mirror and use your arm to signal that you’re moving over. But look behind you first—a fast-moving car can take your arm out if you’re not careful.

10. The Rear End, Pt. 2

  • Problem: The most feared (but least common) of bike-vehicle incidents, you get a simple but solid hit from behind.
  • Solution: Use a rear blinking light and make sure you’re highly visible. When possible, use wide streets with minimal traffic. Use your mirror and stay away from the curb.

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