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Dangers of Snow

We’re only one month into winter and we already have 2 snow storms behind us. While the white stuff has cleared, for now, there is plenty of time for more to come. To keep you safe when the next storm rolls into town, follow these snow safety tips.

  1. If you don’t HAVE to be anywhere, stay off the roads. The more cars there are on the roads after a storm, the more at risk everyone is. Emergency vehicles, essential personnel, and road workers need to be on the road but that should be it. Stay safe and warm at home until the snow has had a chance to be plowed/melt down.
  2. If the temperature is going to drop below freezing, let your taps drip. It’s one thing to be stuck in a house while you wait out the snow but it’s a whole other issue when that house has no running water and possibly a burst pipe.
  3. Keep an ice scraper in your glove box. You never know when snow will hit and if it happens while you’re at work, you’ll be thankful you have something to clean off your windshield and let you see your way home.

Overall, just be careful, cautious and clear-headed. Snow can be a big inconvenience but don’t let it become a big danger to you. If you do find yourself in a snow-related accident, call The Brothers in Law for help at (757) 330-3425.