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Driving School Will Save You Money

Even the cheapest car insurance isn’t exactly ‘cheap’. Then there is the issue of tickets. Even the most basic speeding ticket can increase rates by up to 50% (over a 5 year period). Luckily, car insurance companies today offer a long list of credits and discounts for things like good grades, married couples and using a driving monitoring device. However, one of the best kept secrets is the impact that Driver’s Ed or driving school can have on your premiums.

Just one driving course could save you 5-10% (on low cost providers) and up to 20% from full service providers.

In Virginia, driving records operate on a point system. The more ‘safe driving’ points you have, the better insurance rate you’re able to negotiate with your provider. The maximum point balance you can have is 5 and that’s just how many point you could earn by taking a safe driving course.

In person course options:

Online course options:

More information from the DMV