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10 Safe Accessories to Add to Your Vehicle

For the nervous driver who wants to know what they can do to feel safer driving on the road or the safe driver who feels “you can never be too safe,” here are ten must have safe accessories to increase your comfort and make you feel safe behind the wheel.

Antigravity Battery

The antigravity battery is a rechargeable portable battery that is small enough to fit in your pocket. This battery is powerful enough to jump-start your car but delicate enough to charge your smartphone.

2-Inch Blind Spot Mirrors

If you’re tired of trying to switch lanes and constantly having to look over your shoulder to see if a car is in your blind spot, then you need to invest in these 2-inch blind spot mirrors. These mirrors save you the trouble of guessing whether or not someone is next to you. With additional mirrors, you receive a level of security that could only be purchased in the aftermarket.

Drop Stop

Whether you’re a driver or a front see passenger, you have experienced the dreadful phone drop between the car seat and armrest. Instead of wasting time stopping the car and digging it out, or putting yourself and other in danger by fishing for your phone while driving, purchase a pair of Drop Stops to prevent phone loss.

Tire Pressure Gauge

To the people that paid attention in driver’s ed and actually inspect their tires before driving, the Tekton Digital Tire Gauge allows you to get accurate tire pressure readings from a handheld device. Even if you’re planning to inspect your vehicle at night, the screen on the tire gauge lights up.

Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker

In the direst of vehicular emergencies, you need to be prepared to escape. If your vehicle is submerged, overturned, you get tangled or the door is jammed the seatbelt cut/window breaker provides you with an escape opportunity.

Dowson’s Car Dashboard Video Recorder

When you get into a fender bender or any type of vehicular trouble, you want evidence to back up your argument. Dowson’s dash cam gives you the ability to capture any unusual sightings on the road and have them at your disposal for later.

Broadway’s 400-millimeter Type A Rear View Mirror

To increase your rear view accuracy, purchase Broadway’s 400-millimeter rear view mirror. This mirror enlarges the view behind your vehicle and even reduces the glare of bright lights shining behind your vehicle.

iOttie Car Mount

Instead of driving with your phone in hand, invest in the smartphone car mount by iOttie. Don’t place your phone somewhere that it may fall and cause a distraction. The car mount allows you to put your phone at a convenient viewing point that causes less distraction while driving.

AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit

Prepare yourself for any roadside situation with this travel kit. Instead of flagging down someone to help or contacting AAA, bring AAA with you wherever you go.

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

The Smart Driving Assistant puts your vehicle’s diagnostics at your fingertip. Plug the scanner into the diagnostic port and become one with your car. The smart driving assistant tells you why the check engine light is on and even alerts a crash alert agent in the event of an accident.

The items on this list are not only very safe but also very inexpensive. All the items can be purchased on Amazon for less than $100. If you’re interested in more items of this type then check out Buzzfeed. Increase your safety by being the most prepared driver on the road with these items.