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Work Zone Driving Safety

There’s always road construction going on somewhere in Hampton Roads and, while it might seem easy to just ignore these construction projects and continue on your commute, driving in work zones can be dangerous when drivers don’t pay attention. In the last 5 years alone, over 4,400 people died in work zone related accidents and 200,000 more were injured, roughly 85% of which were drivers or passengers. Work zones often use heavy construction vehicles and machinery that can cause significant damage and injury in a wreck. Protect yourself, the drivers around you and the workers by following these simple tips for a safe commute through the various construction projects near you.

  • Keep Your Headlights On
  • Pay Attention to all Posted Signs
  • Don’t Tailgate
  • Obey the Posted Speed Limit
  • Stay Alert and Minimize Distractions
  • Merge Properly and Change Lanes Safely
  • Expect the Unexpected

Failing to obey the rules of the road in a work zone can result in increased fines with fines for speeding up to $500. When you’re in a work zone remember to watch your speed and pay attention. If you do you will be protecting more than just your life, you’ll be protecting the lives of the workers as well. Let’s build a safer driving experience for everyone, one work zone at a time.