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Key Terms in a Personal Injury Case Pt. 1

You may have seen your share of Law and Order episodes, but it’s different when it’s your case. To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a few of the key terms you’ll need to understand throughout your case:

Plaintiff: This term describes the specific person or party that initiates the lawsuit. If you sue the clothing store in which you stepped on a sharp object and hurt yourself, you would be the plaintiff in the situation.

Defendant: This is the party that the lawsuit is being served to by the plaintiff. For example, the clothing store would be the defendant in your potential scenario.

Complaint: This is the formal file of your incident to the court of law. This is the written complaint sent to the court of law in the process of your lawsuit.

Damages: Damages are what a plaintiff is seeking to recover in a lawsuit. In a personal injury suit, damages equal money.

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