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Key Terms in a Personal Injury Case Pt. 2

Mastered the first few legal terms we introduced you to? Here are a few new key terms that may come up in a personal injury case.

Deposition: During the investigatory phase of case, one or both sides might hold depositions. These meetings are simply interviews with those related to the case.

Settlement: A settlement is an agreement between the two parties to a specific set of terms to end the case. Settlements happen outside of a courtroom, savings hundreds of hours in legal fees and simplifying the process. In personal injury cases, settlements are typically comprised of monetary compensation for loss of income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, etc.

ArbitrationArbitration is a fancy way to say that the two opposing parties need a referee. When the plaintiff and defendant come to a gridlock about one issue or another, they may go into arbitration. This : process brings in an impartial third party to help settle the disputes and assist the two sides in coming to a legally binding conclusion.

Appeal: Once a ruling is found on a case, either party has the right to dispute the judgment and apply to take the case to a higher court in the hopes of the ruling being thrown out in their favor.

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