Unveiling the Value: Exploring Settlement Amounts in Personal Injury Cases and Car Accidents

When a person suffers an accident or injury, it often leads to financial hardships. The cost of emergency room treatment can easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Serious injuries may also cause extended time off from work, resulting in lost wages and even more financial strain. Additionally, the injured victim may have long-lasting physical and mental injuries, affecting both their quality of life and their ability to work. Naturally, the injured victim will want to know what bodily injury settlement amounts they are entitled to and how to go about being compensated for a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney can lift the veil around the process and provide more clarity during this challenging time. 

Considering the Downside: What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

Those injured in Virginia should know about the state’s strict contributory negligence rule. This legal rule says that if a plaintiff is even slightly at fault – as little as one percent (1%) – they can be barred from recovering any compensation from the defendant’s insurer. Insurance companies often deny or give low settlement offers because contributory negligence puts the odds in their favor. This is why it’s critical to have a skilled personal injury attorney speak on your behalf to insurance companies – the wrong statement can give the insurance company valuable evidence to deny your claim

Considering the Upside: What to Expect if Things Go Right

An experienced personal injury attorney significantly increases the likelihood of getting better outcomes than an average settlement for injury car accident situations or serious injury cases. They know the factors that impact injury and car accident compensation and can help build a strong case from the beginning.  Additionally, a lawyer can create a plan right from the start that considers a possible trial. This helps ensure that evidence is gathered and protected for later use. For example, obtaining surveillance footage from the intersection where the accident occurred before the data is overwritten. It is critical to involve your attorney from the beginning so they can work to obtain the best possible result on your behalf. 

While no two cases are the same, the strength of the case will often dictate the insurance company’s position and how much of the policy limits they will offer. In Virginia, the current minimum policy requirements are $30,000 for the injury or death of one person ($60,000 for the injury or death of two people) and $20,000 for property damage. It is important to remember that’s the minimum and it is advised that people carry higher limits to protect themselves. When thinking about potential car accident compensation and bodily injury settlement amounts, you must also understand that the amount offered to you by the insurance company is directly tied to the amount of coverage available for the injury claim or case. Another advantage to having an attorney in your corner is that they can find any and all available insurance coverage that can be used to get you the best possible amount for your damages.

Considering the Process: What You Need to Prove Your Case:  

You must prove your case to the insurance company and, potentially, to a judge and/or a jury. A good attorney will consider all the angles of your case and decide what foundational elements you need to prove your case. For instance, they know the importance of obtaining medical records to prove the extent of your injury and have connections to expert witnesses who can help solidify your case. You may also have difficult scenarios -like driving with an expired license or without insurance. A skilled attorney can help mitigate unfavorable facts and help drive you toward the best possible settlement. 

Dealing with accidents and injury is a difficult time. When you may be feeling your worst, it’s not the time to try and go it alone. Insurance companies know they have the upper hand in Virginia and will do their best to minimize the money coming out of their own pocket. Contacting an experienced law firm to fight the insurance companies on your behalf will reduce your stress and help you move forward with your life. At Huffman & Huffman Brothers-in-Law, all case evaluations are free and you pay nothing until your case is won.


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