The following list represents a sampling of settlements and judgments we have achieved on behalf of our clients. If you or a loved one experienced a serious injury, contact our attorneys to discuss your legal options.


Leg Injury

Our client was a truck driver who was standing at his truck at a landfill when another truck driver swung the door of a heavy trash container into his leg. The client had to have surgery as a result.

Fall From a Ship

Our client was a maritime pilot boarding a foreign ship to bring it into a local port. When he was walking on the gangway from the dock to the ship, the gangway suddenly gave way and our client fell 30 feet down into the water below and sustained a hip injury. The shipowner failed to secure the gangway to the ship.

Maritime Hand Injury

A dock worker was working in the hold of a large cargo ship when a worker on the bridge began closing the large hold hatch cover without being instructed to do so and severely injured the worker’s hand. He required two surgeries and sustained permanent scarring and restriction in the use of his hand.

Brain Injury

Our client was on his way to work early one morning when a tractor-trailer turned suddenly across multiple lanes of traffic and struck his vehicle. He suffered a traumatic head injury and had bleeding on the brain that required emergency surgery. He, fortunately, made a wonderful recovery.

Knee Injury

A hearse of a local funeral home improperly turned left in front of a vehicle in which our client was a passenger and caused a major collision. Our client suffered a bad leg injury and was unable to walk for several weeks.

Hip Injury

Our elderly client was struck by a speeding vehicle as she exited her driveway. The severe impact to her driver’s door left her with a bad hip injury that required surgery.

Dog Bite

Our client was viewing a house he might purchase when a dog from a neighboring house escaped and violently attacked him. The dog owners failed to properly secure the dog and he was able to escape. Our client had surgery to help repair the leg injury caused by the dog.

Traumatic Ankle Injury

Our client was on her way home from work when a vehicle turned left in front of her at an intersection and she could not avoid striking it. She suffered a severely dislocated ankle that required surgery.

Serious Injury

A person sped through a stop sign in a residential area and broad-sided our client’s vehicle, flipping it on its side. Our client, an older gentleman who worked for the railroad, suffered a severe hand injury and limited his ability to continue to perform his job.

Hand and Arm Injuries

Our client was a passenger in her son’s vehicle driving on the interstate when he ran into the rear of a tractor-trailer traveling without its lights on at night. The client sustained a severe arm injury that required surgery and resulted in some permanent scarring.

Ankle Fracture

A negligent driver turned left in front of the vehicle in which our client was a passenger causing a massive collision. Our client sustained an ankle fracture that required surgery.

Slip & Fall

An elderly lady tripped on the even transition between the floor and the elevator which caused her to fall and break her neck.

Medical Transport Crash

Our client was a wheelchair-bound passenger in a medical transport vehicle. The driver failed to secure our client’s wheelchair in the van and our client along with his wheelchair fell over when the driver abruptly slammed on his brake. Our client sustained bad leg injuries as a result.

Ankle Injury

The client was riding his motorcycle with a passenger when a motorist ran a stop sign and the motorcycle struck the vehicle. The client sustained a bad ankle fracture that required two surgeries.

Back & Jaw Injury

A lady was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her daughter on the interstate. A vehicle moved into their lane and as they slowed down they were struck violently in the rear. The client sustained both back and jaw injuries that required surgery.


A very healthy, middle-aged man was broadsided by a commercial vehicle that failed to stop for a red light. He had to have lower back surgery as a result of his injuries.

Abdomen/Chest Injury

Our client was part of a hunt club and was shot by a fellow club member who turned and fired on a deer that ran between him and our client, accidentally hitting our client in the chest.

Hip Injury

Our client was driving down the road when a car ran a stop sign and broadsided her. This pushed her into the opposite-bound lanes of traffic where she was then struck head-on. She required hip surgery following the crash and needed a second hip surgery sometime later.

Wrongful Death

A number of young men in several vehicles were speeding down the highway when they encountered traffic up ahead and several of them were unable to stop in time. Our young lady client was a passenger in one of those vehicles and left behind her parents and two younger siblings.

Head Injury

Our client was a pedestrian leaving work and crossing the street to his vehicle when he was hit by a car. He suffered a traumatic brain injury that permanently affected his taste and smell.
$1.325 MILLION

Broken Arm

A front-end loader traveling down a country road crossed the center line and struck our client head-on. She had a severe arm injury that left her with permanent complications.

Orthopedic Injuries

A lady was knocked from her motorcycle by a piece of furniture that blew off the top of the vehicle that was carrying it after being improperly tied to the roof by a large retailer. The lady sustained a terrible ankle injury that involved surgeries and left her with permanent problems.

Burn Injury

A young girl was severely burned and sustained permanent scarring as a result of a massive explosion in her home caused by a faulty gas line that was run to the oven in the kitchen.

Brain Injury

Our client was a Virginia state trooper who suffered a brain injury when an item fell off the back of a truck, struck our client’s vehicle, and sent him down an embankment and into a tree.

Wrongful Death

A young man was killed while riding his motorcycle when a commercial vehicle exited a parking lot directly into his path and he could not avoid broadsiding it. He left behind a one-year-old daughter.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury from a commercial truck

Hand Injury

A young boy had his hand severely injured when a lawncare worker ran over it with an industrial riding lawnmower. He permanently lost the use of a portion of several of his fingers