If you’ve ever had to deal with an auto insurance company after a car accident, you know how daunting and intimidating it can be. Read on to learn the dangers of speaking with the insurance company about a car accident.


Even though insurance company representatives may seem consoling and soothing over the phone when you call about your car accident, don’t be fooled by their inviting tone.

Insurance company representatives cannot be trusted. They’ll do whatever it takes to turn and twist your words so that they can hold you responsible for the accident.


When it comes to providing your statement to the insurance company about the events that transpired regarding your accident, you must be extremely cautious about how you proceed.

Did you know that you don’t have to be the one to provide your statement to the insurance company? In fact, you have a couple of options for leaving your statement.

Your first option is to provide the insurance company with your statement in writing. For the best chance of success, you should do this with your attorney so that you don’t make any statements that could hurt your claim later on.

Your second option, and perhaps the most favorable option, is to have your attorney make your statement for you. Your attorney isn’t legally held to the statement they provide in the same ways that you are.

Since insurance company representatives use shady tactics to coax statements out of you that can harm your claim, it’s wise to have your attorney help you make your statement. Your lawyer will have a good idea of statements that could hurt your claim and will help you position your words in a way that reduces your chances of being held responsible for the accident.


If you’ve been involved in an injury-sustaining car accident and need assistance dealing with the insurance company, our attorneys here at Huffman & Huffman Brothers-in-Law, PLLC is here to help. Our team has helped many other accident victims achieve justice, and we can help you, too. Don’t wait—contact us with your case right away!

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