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Property owners have a legal obligation to maintain safe premises for legal tenants and visitors. This includes implementing repairs and installing sufficient security standards. When property owners neglect this duty and a tenant or visitor is injured as a result, the property owner may be held liable for damages.

Learn about one type of premises liability—insufficient security—and how to hold your property owner accountable for their negligence.


Property owners must implement proper security measures on their premises in order to keep tenants and visitors safe from robberies and assaults. Examples of proper security measures that all property owners should implement in an apartment complex, for instance, include the following:

  • Security cameras
  • Security staff
  • Locked doors
  • Locked gates
  • Proper lighting

When property owners do not implement or maintain proper security standards on their premises, the tenants and visitors of that property may be robbed or assaulted. This can lead to catastrophic injuries, both physical and psychological.

If you or someone you love has been robbed or attacked on someone else’s unsafe property, our Newport News personal injury attorneys are here to help. At Huffman & Huffman, PLLC, we’re passionate about holding negligent parties accountable for their actions. We have helped countless clients across the state and we want to assist you, too.

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