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When you have a pending case, knowing whether or not you are in the right hands can be an unsettling experience. At Huffman & Huffman, our team of case managers and pre-lit paralegals are always prepared to make sure your case goes as smoothly as possible. Unless your case goes into litigation, these professionals will be your main contacts throughout the course of your case and will be sure to take care of you every step of the way.

While Lori Jenkins and Julie Lombardi may seem like your average Suffolk residents, these two ladies share the same love of the Pittsburgh Steelers and love nothing more than to sit down and watch the games unfold throughout the season. Their love of Pennsylvania football is rivaled only by Kim Stepp, whose Philadelphia Eagles frequently give the Steelers a run for their money. Kim is also a fan of the outdoors and is a proud owner of a 9-year-old lab named Bella whom she loves to take exploring around her home in Yorktown. Kim shares her love of dogs with Megan Dillon, a resident of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront who also enjoys watching the Capitals in hockey and Barca in soccer. Megan is also fluent in Spanish and loves relaxing on the beach after work. While most people’s favorite four legged friend is a dog or cat, Jay Jones enjoys horseback riding in her spare time near her home in Portsmouth. Last but not least, Kristin Brake lives with her husband in Tabb and has two children, ages 16 and 12, and is another northerner at heart, having moved from Cleveland, Ohio in 2012.

No matter where your case may take you, our pre-litigation paralegals will guide you through one step at time.

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