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Staying Safe Around Pedestrians

Summer is a great time to be outside and enjoy the weather, be it in the car with all the windows down or just taking a stroll downtown. However, with summer adventures comes the added danger for pedestrians and drivers, alike. Here are some tips to avoid disaster this summer.

  • Avoid distractions: Cellphones, headphones and reading material can take your eyes off the road, possibly threatening the safety of everyone on the road and walking the streets. Your eyes and ears are the tools to keep you safe on the roads.
  • Bright, Shiny, Clear: One of the keys to the safety of pedestrians is to be visible to drivers in the crosswalks, day or night, at which 32 percent of fatalities in traffic occur between the hours of 8 pm and 11:59 pm, according to the NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis. To be a visible pedestrian, wear bright-colored clothing during the day and light and/or reflective clothing at night. Also, provide eye contact with the driver, if possible.
  • Alcohol avoidance: Nearly half of all traffic accidents are alcohol related. Drinking and driving is highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Follow the rules of the road: Some cars may not give a pedestrian the right of way so be aware of the drivers on the road. Also make eye contact with the driver, if possible.

With these few and helpful tips, your summer on and off the road can be safe and fun for everyone!