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Were You Hit by a Car?

Were You Hit by a Car in Newport News?


Many drivers do what they can to keep themselves and others on the road safe. However, other drivers — out of laziness, a lack of awareness, or total carelessness — completely disregard traffic laws and safe driving practices, putting people in danger.

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Hit by Another Car As a Driver or Passenger?

Although the risk of collision is the same whether you are the driver or a passenger in a car, the insurance process following an accident can vary between those roles.

Virginia is an “at-fault” state, so accident victims must prove that another driver was responsible for the collision to receive benefits from the other driver’s insurance provider. As a passenger, you could also be entitled to those benefits if the other driver was liable for the accident. If the person who was driving the car you were in caused the accident, their insurance company could pay for your damages, or your own insurance may have to step in. Contact our accident attorneys in Newport News if you have a claim.

Injured as a Pedestrian?

Being hit by a car as a pedestrian often results in debilitating injuries. A person who was hit by a car while walking usually sustains injuries that require expensive surgery and rehabilitation to treat, and generally must miss weeks of work to recover from the incident — or the impact could leave a pedestrian accident victim permanently disabled. In most pedestrian accident cases, victims and their families are left with extensive damages. Huffman & Huffman Brothers-in-Law, PLLC can help you recover those damages.

Motorcycle, Bicycle, Scooter, and Skateboard Accidents

When riding through the streets on a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, or skateboard, you are vulnerable to the risk of being hit by a car. Like pedestrian accidents, being hit by a car while operating a small vehicle can cause severe injury to the victim. Many drivers are not as aware of smaller vehicles as they should be, and their negligence can cause accidents.

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