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Car accident claims are tricky in most situations involving just two drivers. When there are three or more drivers, the chances of complications and frustrations only go up. The likelihood of getting fair compensation can go down if you’re not prepared to deal with multiple insurance companies and counterarguments.

Huffman & Huffman in Newport News offers legal counsel and representation to locals who have been in any sort of car accident, including those involving many drivers. Call our multivehicle accident lawyers at (757) 330-3425 to tell us what happened during a free consultation. You could be owed compensation from multiple parties, and we want to be the legal team that helps you pursue it.

Split Liability in Multivehicle Accidents

Liability in multivehicle accidents needs to be proven with confidence, especially here in Virginia. The state uses a pure contributory negligence rule that makes it impossible to recover damages from another driver if you were even 1% liable for your multivehicle accident. When there are many drivers involved in a crash, it becomes a challenge to prove that not everyone did something wrong and in a way that contributed to the accident.

As such, insurance companies in Virginia will usually agree to say that every involved driver must have been at least 1% liable for the multivehicle accident. This insurance tactic prevents lawsuits from any side, so it becomes a wash. Unless you can come forth with a strong argument to prove that you did not contribute to the multivehicle crash at all, you could be unfairly pinned with liability and lose your chances of making a recovery. You should plan on preparing your case only with the insight and guidance of an experienced attorney.

Proving Your Liability is 0%

When working on a multivehicle accident claim, our attorneys will want to focus primarily on proving that you weren’t liable at all for what happened. We will need to find viable sources of evidence that work in your favor, which could come in many forms.

Evidence that can help bolster your multivehicle accident claim includes:

  • Police reports
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Dashcam footage
  • Traffic cam footage

You shouldn’t have to worry about finding and utilizing these types of evidence, though. Leave it up to us, and you can put your energy into feeling better.

Get Your Claim Started & Ready for Anything

You need to be comfortable with the legal representation you secure for your multivehicle accident. Otherwise, you will be worried at each step about whether or not your case is being handled correctly and your best interests are being upheld.

We invite you to come to Huffman & Huffman for responsive, reliable, and friendly legal assistance for your multivehicle accident claim in Virginia. We’ve been able to grow our reputation and clientele base so much because people genuinely like working with us. Our client-focused approach to casework is sure to put your worries at ease while also pursuing every single penny of compensation available to you.

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