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Texting while driving is an irresponsible idea that causes countless car accidents every year in America, but it is not the only form of dangerous driver distraction. The truth is that a negligent driver can find all sorts of ways to distract themselves from the task of safely driving. The people who pay for their negligence are often complete strangers who were just trying to share the road responsibly, which might be exactly what happened to you.

Huffman & Huffman, Brothers-in-Law, PLLC in Newport News is here to help you seek compensation and a sense of justice after a distracted driver crashed right into you. Right now, it can seem like your financial future will be grim because of someone else’s mistake. We would like to show you that financial stability can be yours again with a winning personal injury claim.

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Forms of Driver Distraction

As mentioned, texting and driving is most likely the most dangerous and common form of driver distraction. Practically every driver owns a smartphone and keeps it within reach at all times, after all. Just because a driver was not texting does not mean they were not distracted, though. Our Virginia distracted driving accident lawyers know where to look for other signs that the driver who hit you had distracted themselves in other ways.

Other forms of driver distraction that can contribute significantly to a crash are:

  • Eating and drinking: Busy commuters are often tempted to dine in their vehicles on the way to work. Many are unaware that eating and drinking behind the wheel is extremely distracting, even if they are eating a convenient snack like a granola bar. The simple act of trying to pick up a cup and then place it back into a cupholder can be distracting enough to remove a driver’s eyes and attention from the road for 5 or more seconds.
  • Adjusting the radio or GPS: Whenever a vehicle is in motion, the driver’s hands should be on the steering wheel at all times, as well as the stick shift if it is a manual vehicle. Trying to change the radio, select a new song on a connected music player or phone, or inputting commands into a GPS are all serious distractions that must be avoided. Adjusting a device or console distracts the eyes, hands, and mind all at once.
  • Self-grooming: Another issue that often comes up with busy commuters is self-grooming. Applying makeup, combing hair, fixing ties, and even shaving are all activities that never should be done while driving. Yet, if you drive through your hometown during morning rush hour, you will probably see at least a few drivers doing these exact things and putting others at risk.
  • Talking with passengers: Everyone enjoys a good car ride with their friends. But what most people don’t acknowledge is just how distracting it can be for the driver to talk with their passengers. They might have their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road but talking with passengers completely distracts the mind. Noticing potential road hazards and reacting to emergencies becomes much more difficult while mentally distracted. New and young drivers are particularly susceptible to becoming distracted by talking to their friends in the other seats.

Basic Problems with Driver Distractions

Every driver distraction will cause one or more types of these three distractions:

  • Manual: Something that causes you to take your hands off the wheel is a manual distraction, like picking up a piece of food to eat.
  • Visual: Something that causes you to take your eyes off the road is a visual distraction, like looking at a GPS screen.
  • Mental: Something that causes you to take your mind off the task of driving is a mental distraction, like speaking to a passenger.

When working on your distracted driving accident claim, our legal team will want to find ways to prove that the other driver had experienced at least one type of these distractions due to engaging in at least one kind of distracting behavior. Testimonies from their passengers could reveal that a conversation was happening when the crash occurred, for example. Or we might be able to spot fast food items in their passenger seat in photographs from the crash scene, which could indicate that they were eating while driving.

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