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At Huffman & Huffman in Newport News, we know that slip and fall accidents can be much more serious than they might first appear to be. Slip and fall accidents are actually among the leading causes of preventable deaths and severe injuries among the elderly population. If you or a loved one slipped, fell, and got hurt on someone else’s property, then it should be time to explore your legal options.

We first opened our doors in 1973, so our firm has been around longer than most in Virginia can claim. When combining the experiences of our full legal team, we have more than 150 years of experience! Choosing our firm to work on your slip and fall accident case is easy when you know we have so much practice experience behind us and to put to good use for your recovery.

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Studying the Cause of Your Slip & Fall Accident

Proprietors need to take adequate precautions to prevent slip/trip and fall accidents suffered by visitors, guests, and customers. Failing to take those precautions can make the proprietor or property owner liable for any harm suffered by a claimant who slips and falls. A focal point of our casework will be investigating the cause of your slip and fall accident, so we can prove that it was caused by the proprietor’s negligence.

Common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Slippery tile floors
  • Steps without handrails
  • Loose cables
  • Dim lighting around walkways
  • Frayed carpeting
  • Gravel, sand, and ice on the ground

As mentioned, slip and fall accidents are among the leading causes of death for the elderly population. Many of those accidents happen in nursing homes, where they should, theoretically, be less likely. However, negligent nursing homes that allow residents with medical conditions to walk around unattended put those residents at risk of slipping and falling on the tile flooring.

Virginia Contributory Negligence Rules

Virginia is one of a few states that use pure contributory negligence rules for personal injury claims. Under this set of legal rules, you cannot get any compensation from a defendant if your own negligence or mistakes contributed even just 1% to your accident and injuries. The defendant has to be 100% liable for your financial recovery to be possible.

Contributory negligence rules are a serious obstacle for slip and fall accident claimants. Most slip and fall accidents do not involve anyone other than the victim. As such, defendants will usually try to argue that you could have been more careful to avoid falling over and, therefore, you must be at least 1% liable. If this argument can stand, then your case could fail.

Using Convincing Evidence Wherever We Can Find It

Shutting down the defense’s arguments in a slip and fall accident claim is crucial. Our Newport News slip and fall accident attorneys can look for evidence that proves you were not in any way liable for your fall. If we can argue that another person would have reasonably slipped and fallen in the same situation, then your case might be successful in securing ample compensation.

Typically, we can find evidence of liability in two forms:

  • Eyewitness statements: If anyone else saw you fall, then we will want to talk with them. Testimonies from Good Samaritans who help after an accident can sometimes make the biggest and most positive difference for a client’s claim.
  • Security camera footage: Did you slip and fall in a retail store or commercial building? There could be security camera footage that caught the accident on film. We will need to speak with the proprietor as soon as possible to ensure the footage is saved and secured.

Experienced Counsel for Serious Accidents

If you suffered a serious injury like a broken bone or concussion, then you could be owed significant compensation from the property owner. Huffman & Huffman in Newport News can help you pursue it. Our counsel is comprehensive, so you can rely on us for every step of your case, starting with a FREE case review.

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