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Christmas Safety Tips

We want to keep you safe this Christmas and holiday season. In order to enjoy your time with family and loved ones without worry, try out these 12 Christmas safety tips from

  1. Buy age appropriate toys from reputable manufacturers.
  2. Pick up and vacuum regularly, looking out for small items that could pose a choking hazard to young children. Common Christmas hazards are Christmas tree ornament hooks or small parts that have fallen off toys.
  3. Watch out for potential fire hazards; keep Christmas decorations and cards away from heat sources.
  4. Don’t leave burning candles unattended and never put real candles on your Christmas tree.
  5. Replace old lights with LED lights as they meet much higher safety standards. Disconnect the lights when leaving the house and while sleeping. Do not let children play with light bulbs as it is a swallow hazard.
  6. Keep Christmas decorations with small, removable parts out of reach of small children and pets.
  7. Set aside plenty of time to prepare and cook your Christmas dinner. Rushing in the kitchen can lead to accidents with knives, pots boiling over, and hot fat.
  8. Have scissors on hand to open packaging as they are much safer than using a knife. Have screwdrivers available to assemble toys. Using scissors instead of a screwdriver is a common cause of stabbing and cutting oneself.
  9. While installing and plugging in new electronics, gadgets and appliances watch out for trailing cables and wires and always read instructions.
  10. With extra people and clutter in the house, a trip and fall accident is more likely. Try to at least clear clutter as it accumulates and wipe spills right after they occur. Stairs and walkways should be kept well-lit.
  11. Do not drink and drive. Plan for a designated driver or to spend the night. If you are taking a road trip to see family for Christmas, plan to drive while you are wide awake.
  12. Keep your tree well-watered so that it is not a dried-out fire hazard by Christmas day.

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday!