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Voice-to-Text While Driving is Just as Dangerous as the Traditional

Texting while driving has always been a dangerous activity and when cell phone companies installed a personal assistant on your device that allows you to text someone hands-free, most everyone automatically thought this was safer. But is this really a safer option than traditional texting? Contrary to popular belief, using voice-to-text is just as dangerous as traditional texting. You are still using the device mentally to think about the text that you want to send, listening to the response, and correcting any errors that were made. Before using the personal assistant to text your friends, family, or significant others, there are a few things to think about.

Here is a list of reasons why voice texting is just as dangerous:

  • Mental Distractions – While using the personal assistant you are thinking about the text that you are sending and what you want to say rather than what is going on around you.
  • Reaction Time – Your reaction time is twice as slow while using the voice-to-text method. You are not likely paying attention to the road around you and will have a slower braking time, be forced to swerve out of the way, or will not have time to stop.
  • Amount of time it takes to use the voice texting – Personal assistants are not the best at texting because they deal with diction transcription. While using voice-to-text, some phrases, names, etc can be easily lost in translation. People often become frustrated with the device and have to deal with correcting errors.
  • Eye contact with the road – Contrary to popular belief, you have the same loss of eye contact with the road whether you are using voice to text or texting traditionally.

 Before using the voice-to-text option, think about the list above. In order to prevent accidents, it is recommended that you opt not to text while driving. For further questions contact the Brothers in Law, 757.319.4085.


pedestrian safety

Pedestrians Deaths at an all-time High

According to a new study, pedestrian deaths are at an all-time high and it does NOT appear to be a statistical anomaly. “U.S. pedestrian deaths totaled nearly 6,000 in 2017 for the second straight year amid mounting signs that walkers and drivers are dangerously distracted, according to a new study.” (USA Today)

According to a report from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, “GHSA estimates that there were 5,984 pedestrian fatalities in 2017, essentially unchanged from the 5,987 pedestrians killed in 2016. The report also explores potential contributors to the high number of pedestrian fatalities, considering factors including state legalization of recreational marijuana and the dramatic growth in smartphone use.”

To keep you and your family safe while walking and driving the streets of Hampton Roads, here are a few tips.

  • Don’t let your phone distract you into danger. When you’re crossing busy roads or walking alongside well-traveled thoroughfares, keep your phone in your pocket and pay attention to the environment around you.
  • Watch your speed! When driving in areas where pedestrians are also present, it is especially important to obey speed limits and crosswalk laws. “If you’re hit by a car that’s going 25 miles an hour, you have an 80 percent chance of surviving. If you’re hit by the same car going 40 miles an hour, you only have a 20 percent chance of surviving.”
  • Clean your headlights and wear reflective clothing. As a driver, having clean headlights that are able to shine to their full potential and illuminate any potential hazards can greatly increase the safety of your driving. The same can be said for pedestrians out at night. Make yourself more visible to drivers and you’ll make yourself safer.

We hope these tips help keep you safe. If you or someone you know do become the victim of an accident, call The Brothers in Law, 757-319-4085.

Semi-Truck off the highway accident

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

In 2016, “97% of vehicle occupants killed in two-vehicle crashes involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck in 2016 were occupants of the passenger vehicles.” Why are these crashes so common and so deadly?

According to IIHS, “A total of 3,986 people died in large truck crashes in 2016. Seventeen percent of these deaths were truck occupants, 66 percent were occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles, and 16 percent were pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists. The number of people who died in large truck crashes was 27 percent higher in 2016 than in 2009, when it was the lowest it has been since the collection of fatal crash data began in 1975.  The number of truck occupants who died was 47 percent higher than in 2009. ”

What causes these accidents?

The Top 5 Causes of Truck Accidents

  1. 29% – Brake problems on the truck
  2. 23% – Excessive speed
  3. 22% – Unfamiliar roadway
  4. 20% – Roadway problems
  5. 17% OTC Drug Use

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a truck accident, call The Brothers in Law, 757-319-4085.

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Settlement Pros and Cons

You may have heard that settling a case outside of court is complicated and oftentimes wrong, but what you don’t know is that there are several pros to cons to consider when settling outside of court. When deciding whether this choice is right for you or not, there are several things to take into account: how badly you were injured, how much time you had to take off from work, the amount of money that was spent during your recovery, and how much pain/stress was caused by the event. These factors should help you decide whether you want to settle instead of going to court.

Every case is different, so, depending on your situation, choosing to settle may be the right choice for you. If you hate dealing with court, taking extra time out of your life and job, and giving up your privacy, then settling may be the choice for you. How you decide to handle the case is based on your personal preferences and this list of pros and cons should help you determine whether you want to settle out of court or not.


  • Guaranteed settlement money. When you settle outside of court, the party is required to pay the agreed-upon settlement at a required date. There is no waiting and wondering when you will be getting your money.
  • Less money spent on the process. Let’s face it, legal expenses can add up quickly. There will be no court fees and other fees for the time spent trying to settle the dispute.
  • Less time. You won’t have to take extra time out of your life or from work. You may need to appear in court at unexpected times and have to take more time off work, which could create bigger problems.
  • More Privacy. Instead of revealing your private business to a room full of strangers, you will be able to set a private meeting to settle your dispute.
  • Reduced amount of stress and burden.


  • Less money. When you settle, you won’t get as much money as you would if a judge were to decide. The settlement amount is almost always less than what you would get in the courtroom if you won.
  • No admittance to guilt by either party. There would be no one admitting guilt and there would be no public record of the wrongdoing.
  • Give up rights to pursue any further legal action. When you settle, you are giving up any rights to pursue any further legal action towards them.

Settling in court can ease the process, get you a guaranteed amount of money, and take less time. If your injuries were not significant enough to go to court, settling is the right choice. For further questions, call the Brothers at Law at (757)-319-4085 or fill out the online contact form.

*Note these are generalities about the settlement process and exact circumstances will vary case by case.

young black woman hailing ride

Tips and Tricks for When You Need a Lyft or Uber

Times have changed. Just over a decade ago, people were still skeptical of hailing taxis. Today, ridesharing services are so popular that there are, on average, 40 million people who actively ride Uber on a monthly basis.  One of the busiest times of the year for Uber or Lyft drivers are during the holidays when people are more likely to go out for drinks after work or head over to family and friends’ houses for dinner parties, where drinking alcohol is the routine social activity. As the end of the year approaches, here are some tips for when you know you’ll need to order a ride:

Split the fare with your friends

If you need to go to the same destination as your friends, splitting the cost of the ride is now easier than ever. In both the Uber and Lyft apps, there is now a “Split Fare” option where you can enter your friends’ email addresses so that they can view the trip details on their own phones and pay for part of the cost.

Separate your business and personal rides

On Uber, you can now create a separate business account for all work-related travel. It allows you to use your business card and send travel reports and receipts to your desired email address at your desired frequency.

Schedule rides in advance

If you know you’re going to a party where you don’t want to have to worry about waiting for a ride, Uber will now let you schedule a ride up to 30 days ahead so that you can socialize stress-free. The app will send two reminders: the first one will be sent 24 hours before pickup and the second reminder 30 minutes before pickup. Riders will be able to change their location information or cancel the ride altogether up to 30 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.

Let your friends know when you’ll be home

On Lyft and Uber, you can now send your ETA (estimated time of arrival) to any of your friends and family. All you need to do is swipe up on your app screen and click on “Send Status” and enter the appropriate information or share the link provided. Opening this link displays your driver’s first name, vehicle info, and your map location in real-time.

Sit in the backseat so you can safely exit from either side

Although most people do not want to think about potentially getting in an accident in a stranger’s car, the truth is that it can definitely happen. In case of emergency, always try to sit in the backseat so that you will have both doors as a way of escaping the vehicle.

Keeping these tips in mind will let you get the most benefits out of your ridesharing service as well as keep you, your family, and other drivers safe during the holidays.

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