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Who is Responsible for a Defective Product?

Multiple parties are responsible for most products’ design, manufacture, and sale. Therefore, several different entities may be held liable for any product defects that harm consumers. Get the facts on who to hold responsible for a product defect so you know how to protect your rights.

A Product’s Stakeholders

Throughout a product’s life cycle, several different parties are involved in its design, manufacture, and sale. As such, any or all of these parties may be held responsible for any defects involving their product that harm consumers.

In general, the parties that may be held liable for a product defect include the following:

  • The product manufacturer

  • A manufacturer of component parts

  • A party that assembles the product

  • The wholesaler

  • The retailer

An experienced product liability attorney can help you determine which parties to hold responsible for your injuries. In order to file a valid claim, you and your attorney must prove the following:

  • The product had an inherent design or manufacturing defect, was mislabeled, or was marketed for improper use.

  • You were injured while using the product in a reasonably safe and proper manner.

  • The defect was the cause of your injuries.

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