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Teen drives with instructor

The Importance of Driver's Education

Did you know, driver’s education isn’t just for teenagers anxious to get behind the wheel for the first time? Driver’s education courses can provide a lot of benefits to experienced drivers as well. During the years you spend driving, rules and regulations change so it’s good to take a driver’s education class for a refresher.

Key Benefits of Driver’s Education

  • Access to driving experts: The teachers are qualified and experienced because they go through intense training and are required to know what to expect for your area. When you hire a driving instructor, they will impart their wisdom and knowledge to you. As well as learning the basic skills, the courses also teach you freeway driving, what to do in inclement weather, how to navigate busy urban streets, and what to do when in an emergency.
  • Insurance benefits: You can get discounts on your insurance if you take a driver’s ed course. Most insurance companies will discount your insurance premiums for at least a few months if you provide proof of taking a course, like a receipt or a certificate. If you have a teenager in your family who is learning to drive, then they can also receive a discount on insurance by taking certain courses, effectively making a double discount and save you big bucks. Your insurance will usually have a list of recommended schools to attend and which school will get you the biggest discount.
  • Heightened confidence: You will enjoy a sense of confidence after taking a driver’s education course that you would not feel otherwise. Confident drivers are safer drivers. The more knowledge you have, the better you can recognize dangerous driving situations and avoid them, potentially saving others from a serious accident.
  • Driving record improvement: You can improve your driving record and gain points on your license by completing certain driver’s ed courses. If you were to get a ticket and/or were in an accident, taking the course will either counteract the points to your license or provide positive points.

Driving Schools in the Newport News & Virginia Beach Areas

  • Joyner’s Driving Improvement School: 757-213-6855
  • Hampton Roads Driving School: 757-486-8636
  • Old Dominion Driving School: 757-473-3321

I Heard Driver’s Ed Makes Drivers Less Safe – Is That True?

You might have heard the myth that driver’s ed classes actually make teens worse and more dangerous drivers. It seems the myth began as criticism from parents who learned that many courses were unregulated and only taught student drivers the basics of driving that they would need to pass a driving exam. The truth is that even basic knowledge is useful to a driver. Furthermore, time spent behind the wheel is experience, which directly contributes to crash avoidance.

Are Driver’s Ed Classes Worth the Cost?

Depending on the driver’s ed course you choose, it could cost several hundred dollars to get your teen driver several lessons. Is it worth the money to have a professional help your teen learn how to drive? We believe it absolutely is.

Knowing how to drive safe is invaluable, yes, but there are also tangible financial savings that can be enjoyed thanks to a driver’s education class. You will find that many insurance companies will give a coverage discount to new teen drivers if they can show proof that they completed a driver’s ed course. Ask your insurance provider if they have this discount.

It is also worth thinking about how much a single accident can cost. Even if you are unharmed in a crash, your vehicle can be totaled, and your insurance might not provide as much as you need to get on the road again. A driver’s education course could cost you a few hundred dollars but give you the knowledge and experience needed to avoid a crash that would have cost you several thousand dollars to repair your vehicle. Of course, when a car accident causes severe injuries, the couple of hundred dollars spent on a driving class will be a tiny fraction compared to all of the money you could lose to medical bills and missing wages in a crash.

Input from Trusted Attorneys

At Huffman & Huffman Brothers-in-Law, P.L.L.C. in Virginia Beach and Newport News, we always recommend our friends, family, and community members to invest in a good driving education course. We want everyone to be as safe as can be whenever they drive and learning or revisiting driving techniques and rules through a course is a simple way to increase a driver’s safety. While we proudly offer our services to car accident victims who need help filing a claim and seeking compensation, we would be happy to learn that fewer people need our services because there are fewer car accidents.

Have you been in an accident and wonder if a driving course would help your situation? Contact the Brothers in Law at (757) 330-3425.