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Uber Accidents

There is no question: The advent of ride-sharing services, like Uber, have made getting around easier and safer for a lot of people. No doubt, there will be studies coming out in the future that show that the increasing use of such services has led to a decrease in drunk driving accidents and injuries.

However, behind the wheel of these cars, there is still a normal person driving and accidents happen. The question, then, becomes: Who is on the hook? The driver? Uber? Am I just out of luck?

The 3 States of a Ride-Share Driver

Off duty – In this state, the driver is operating their vehicle but not currently carrying or in search of any new riders.

Searching – In this state, the driver is actively seeking a new fare but has set to pick anyone up.

On duty - In this state, the driver has picked up a passenger and is transporting them to their destination.

In the case of the first two states, the responsibility is primarily on the Uber driver’s own personal insurance to help assist in the event of an accident. It is in the third state that things become a little complicated. While Uber does boast a seven-figure policy to protect passengers in the event of an accident, that policy does not extend to the driver or the other vehicles they may have made contact with.

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