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Driver Safety Study by State

MoneyGeek recently released a study that analyzed the best and worst states for drivers. Lucky for us, Virginia made it on the top 10 list for safest states for motorists!

The study analyzed data from the state, federal and insurance industry levels to determine a ranking of driving conditions from the best to the worst.

A few key findings:

  • Massachusetts is the safest state for motorists. Contributing factors include a low percentage of risky driving behaviors, 96% of all drivers are insured and the second smallest percentage of driving fatalities.
  • Montana is the most dangerous state. Contributing factors include a high rate of vehicular fatalities, including “the highest percentage of fatalities involving drunk driving and non-use of seat belts”.
  • Pedestrians – California and Florida take the award for the most dangerous states for pedestrians.
  • Cyclists – California and Florida, again, win the uncoveted award for most dangerous states for cyclists.

Infographic from MoneyGeek.

View the full study summary at MoneyGeek.