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Safer Summer Driving

If you’ve been anywhere near the beach this summer, then you know it is just as crowded as any other year. While a day at the beach might make you think more of sun safety than road safety, you still have to be aware of the latter.

It is important to always remember that you can encounter pedestrians anywhere, at anytime, not just at cross walks. Being constantly aware of your surroundings is very important. Never assume that a pedestrian sees or hears you coming and always assume that the pedestrian is not aware of your presence. Always stop to let pedestrians cross – they may be acting reckless by crossing at the wrong location, but this doesn’t change the fact that you have to stop or slow down to let them go.

Be especially attentive when driving through a neighborhood or school zone where children may be playing. Children are often times very unaware of certain traffic rules and are easily distracted. Go slow and be prepared for children acting in erratic ways.

Do not text and drive or drink and drive. These two activities diminish driver awareness drastically. It only takes a single second of not looking at the road for a pedestrian to cross into your way. You are putting the people in danger when you decide to drive when your awareness is not 100%.

Keep these simple tips in mind and help make the streets a safer place, whether you’re at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront or Town Point Park in Norfolk. These accidents are easily avoidable. Join us in making the summer of 2014 an accident-free one!