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Checking Your Brake Lights

Proper car maintenance is a key to keeping your vehicle in running condition and to keeping you and your fellow drivers safe. On top of checking your fluids and tire pressure, ensuring all of your vehicle’s lights are working properly is an easy way to prevent unnecessary accidents or injuries.

Headlights and turn signals are easy to check on your own, but if you don’t have someone else to help, it can sometimes be difficult to check some of the most important lights on your car, your brake lights. To check your brake lights on your own, simply find a building near you with large glass windows on the first floor and back your car up to it. The reflection will allow you to test all of your rear lights and signals quickly and easily. An alternate method could be using a detachable broomstick or another object to depress the brake pedal while you exit the car and check the lights for yourself. However you decide to check them, it’s important to make sure other drivers know when you’re coming to a stop, both for their safety and for yours.